Trend Digital angle rule 200mm

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Trend Digital angle rule 200mm 

Trend DAR/200 200mm Digital angle rule 400mm rule digital angle rule that calculates angles quickly and accurately and is ideal for woodworking, construction and machining.
Digital display for angles.
Stainless steel rule with metric/imperial scale, scale length 200mm and 7 inch.
Measuring range from 000.0 deg to 360.0 deg, with accuracy of 0.3 deg.
Rule locking function.
Easy operation with two press buttons.
Auto-shut off in 6 minutes.
Spare battery available ref. BAT/CR2032/3V.
Accessory carry case also available ref. CASE/DAR/200. 

Product Specifications 

Measuring range= 000.0 deg to 360.0 deg
Resolution= 0.1 deg
Accuracy= 0.3 deg
Weight= 162g
End of life= See below for Environmental Policy link