Tec7 Sealant/Adhesive

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Tec7 Sealant/Adhesive

Tec7 is an instantly waterproof adhesive that also bonds, mounts and seals even under water. Tec7 is solvent free adhesive so is food grade safe and practically odourless meaning it can be used throughout the house with causing harm to include fish tanks. Super strong, Tec7 holds up to 27kg in weight once fully cured. Tec7 is fast curing, a 6mm bead takes approximately 24 hours to cure put can be painted after 20 minutes. Tec7 is mould resistant, anti-bacterial and will not shrink. Tec7 is an excellent sealer and instantly waterproof which makes it perfect for sealing around you bath or shower tray. Safe to use on mirrors. Tec7 comes in a 310ml cartridge so offers fantastic value it really is one product that will do thousands of jobs anywhere around the house, site or garden.

Tec7 is the sealant chosen by professional builders and DIY users alike.
It is a hybrid polymer product for flexible bonding and sealing.
Tec7 can seal, mount and bond all common building materials - even under water, eliminating the wait or need for damp or wet surfaces to dry.
Tec7 can do the job.
Tec7 is the high-tech solution to all your mounting and sealing problems.
Can be used on both dry and wet surfaces. Can be painted after 15 minutes, without retarding the cure.
Unique bonding on most materials - without using a primer.
Does not contain any solvents or isocyanates, totally odourless.
Cures without shrinking, resists vibrations and remains flexible.
Excellent chemical resistance after curing.