SIP HG2000DV ARC INVERTER (Dual Voltage) 120A-110V / 200A - 230V

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SIP HG2000DV ARC INVERTER (Dual Voltage) 120A-110V /  200A - 230V 

Dual voltage 230v or 110v supply, the HG1600DV is a versatile and lightweight Inverter welder at just 6.6kg. Featuring an Output Current of 20amp - 200amp in 230v mode or 20amp - 120amp in 110v, the welder has can weld approx 6mm (110v) to 9mm (230v) thickness. With power factor correction abilities and boasts a switchable voltage reduction device for optimal performance on the job. Along with reliable thermal overload protection, it features a user friendly digital display and built in Lift-TIG strike up function. 

Product Specifications 

Dual Voltage:  110v (32amp)/ 230v (20amp)
Powerful, Reliable 60% Duty Cycle
Current Range:  20amp - 120amp (110v)
Current Range:  20amp - 200amp (230v)
Electrode Diameter: 1.6mm - 3.2mm (110v)
Electrode Diameter: 1.6mm - 5mm (230v)
PFC - Integrated Power Factor Correction
Switchable Voltage Reduction Device
Thermal Overload Protection
User-Friendly Digital Display
Built-in Lift-TIG Function
Weight: 3kg