SIP Fireball 175XD 175,000 BTU Diesel Heater 51.275kw heating area 1230m 50L fuel tank

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SIP 09568 diesel / paraffin powered heater boasts a huge heat output of 175,000 or 51.3kW which is capable of heating an area up to 1230m³ (43,437 cu.ft). Designed with a large 50 litre fuel tank capacity which allows the heater to run for long periods of time without the need to refuel, the average fuel consumption of this Fireball heater is 5 litres per hour.

Finished with a heavy duty paint, this heater is not only hard wearing but excellent value for money. This heater features an error indicator light which shows when the fuel filter is blocked and needs to be cleaned / changed.

Featuring a built in thermostat with digital ambient temperature read to give excellent temperature control which also saves any unneeded fuel consumption. Fitted with a fuel gauge which allows you to keep check on when the fuel is getting low and needs to be refilled, ideal for those wanting constant heat. This heater is mounted on 2 pneumatic tyres which are designed to tackle any terrain making this heater perfect for use in many applications.

Product Specifications

175,000 BTU / 51.275kW
Heating Area 1230m³ / 43,437cu.ft
Wheel Mounted with Pneumatic Tyres
50 Litre Fuel Tank
Built in Thermostat with Digital Read Out