SIP Chargestar T27 Battery Charger (03982)

Code: EELBCS-T27
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SIP Chargestar T27 Heavy Duty Trade Battery Charger

This heavy duty battery charger is for use with lead acid batteries. Designed for trade use, this battery charger has both 12v and 24v charging voltages with 3 charge rate settings. Features integrated ammeter.

Product Specifications

12v / 24v Charging Voltages
3 Charge Rate Settings
Integrated Ammeter
2 12v Charge Settings & Boost Charge Settings
2 24v Charge Settings & Boost Charge Settings

12v Charge
Setting 1 - 8.5amp
Setting 2 - 11amp
12v Boost charge - 22.5amp

24v Charge
Setting 1 - 9amp
Setting 2 - 14amp
24v Boost charge - 24amp