Pramac GS PRO Quicklift Yellow Pallet Truck 1150 x 525

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Pramac GS PRO Quicklift Yellow Pallet Truck 1150 x 525.

The Pramac GS Pro Series pallet trucks are excellent tools for lifting and carrying loads on pallets or size-standardised containers. Thanks to their light weight, smooth movement and manoeuvrability, all the GS Series models are an ideal working tool for use on smooth floors and other kinds of surfaces. When maximum load capacity is exceeded, the oil pressure exceeds its maximum limit and the valve automatically stops the forks from lifting. This prevents possible structural damage.The nylon rollers guarantee safe and smooth rolling. The optional polyurethane rollers provide excellent silent movement, and prevent damage even to the most delicate floors.The hand pallet trucks of this series have big wheels (200x50) to reduce handling effort.

Making the load lighter

Maximum Pressure Valve
Making the load lighter

Nominal load capacity: 2500 kg
Frame material: Painted steel
Fork length:1220 mm
Fork width:150 mm
Stowage passage: 1902 mm
Turning radius:1437 mm