Makita Dmr108 220V Bluetooth Site Radio

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Product Description

 The Makita DMR108 Job Site Radio runs on both an AC adaptor and Makita Li-ion batteries. It is equipped with Bluetooth (class 2), allowing for a wireless connection your mobile device for playing music with a range up to 10m.

The two large 89mm speakers provide high quality sound. There is a USB port allows for charging mobile devices and a AUX-IN jack for connecting to external audio source (Connecting cable is not included). The elastomer bumpers protect against rough handling and have a falling impact strength of 1.0m.

Other features include a digital tuner, AC adaptor jack, retractable antenna and is shower proof (withstands up to 5 minutes exposure to rain), IP64 rated.

Product Specification

Frequency Range: FM: 87.5-108Mhz, AM: 522-1629kHz.
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion.
Battery Range: 7.2 - 18 Volt.
Weight: 4.4kg.