FIAC 5.5HP 50 LTR HONDA PETROL ENGINE COMPRESSOR (S50-410 5.5HP) (144.772.0000)

Code: EMACP-05HP050-PT
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Air compressors with petrol engines for use where there is no available electric power supply. Designed with wide-track gauge to facilitate their transport, they have large all-terrain tyres to make it easier to move them on impracticable ground. Equipped with pressure regulator/filter and, in the Agri models, also with a lubricator, they are remarkably powerful, sturdy, versatile, handy and easy to use. The range is equipped with 4, 5.5 and 9 HP Honda petrol engines, whereas the Agri compressors are equipped with 5.5 and 7.5 HP Yanmar diesel engines. Models from 5.5 to 9 HP (diesel included) are equipped with a pneumatic self-adjusting device that accelerates the engine during the air accumulation phase and decelerates it when the maximum pressure is reached. This self-adjustment means that stress on the mechanical components is reduced, together with the noise level, fuel consumption and gas emissions, thus extending the service life of the compressor. The Agri models are equipped to fit a number of tools simultaneously and, if they are equipped with hose reel complete with hose, they enable the operator to work at a distance

l /min250
CFM 8.8
m3/h 15
bar= 10
psi 145
Motore/Engine HONDA GP 160
HP 5
Grup# / Pump AB 268
Cil# / St# 2/1
min-1 1240
dB (A) 76
LxPxH_mm / in 1010x360x750 39.8x14x29.5
kg / lb 55/ 121