Dewalt DCD1623N 18v XR Brushless Magnetic Drill Press With FlexVolt Advantage, 50mm Max Cutter, 2 Speed Mechanical Transmission,E- Clutch System, 14.3kg Bare Unit

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Quickly and accurately. Drill up to 50mm holes into steel anywhere with the 18V XR magnetic drill. 

Featuring a permanent magnet which doesn't sap your batteries in order to stay attached to the steel, this cordless mag drill from DeWalt is their first entry into the field, immediately blowing away the competition in both cost and drilling capacity.

This machine, the DCD1623, can drill a 2 inch (50mm) diameter hole through 2 inches of structural grade steel. In order to keep safe while making these challenging holes, the tool has an E-Clutch. It constantly monitors the position of the tool and as soon as it detects it rotating, it automatically shuts it off to prevent it shifting too much.

There are two mechanical gears, but also a speed control dial. In low gear it will operate from 130 to 420 rpm, and in high gear it will run from 250 up to 810 rpm. Each gear has five speed settings for a total of ten different speeds, all listed in a handy chart on the machine body itself.

While this -N version of the tool is supplied without batteries or charger, it is capable of working from not only a 54V FlexVolt battery, but also an 18 Volt XR battery if a FlexVolt one isn't available. However when used with a 54V FlexVolt battery, DeWalt's FlexVolt Advantage technology kicks in, giving you up to 32 percent more power than with an 18V battery.


  • Ideal for metalworkers and welders.
  • Operates with 18V battery packs.
  • 32% more power with 54V FlexVolt battery.
  • 10 speeds between two mechanical gears.
  • Drill up to 2 inches through 2 inches.
  • Chain passthrough gap for extra security.