Bosch 8pc SDS Masonry Drill Bit Set 5.0mm-10.0mm x160mm Long c/w Sturdy Plastic Case. Carbide Tipped drill bit & 4 fold Spiral Flute for Rapid Drilling 2607019904

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Product Description

Bosch 2607019904 8pc SDS Masonry Drill Bit Set

These carbide drill bits are highly durable, resistant to wear and have centring tip for precise drilling start that prevents the bit from wandering.Carbide tipped drill bit and 4-fold spiral flute for rapid drilling.

1x 5mm x 160mm Length
2x 5.5mm x 160mm Length
1x 6mm x 160mm Length
2x 7mm x 160mm Length
1x 8mm x 160mm Length
1x 10mm x 160mm Length
1x Tough Plastic Storage Case

Technical Specification:
Length - 160mm 
Drill bit diameter - 5,2 x 5.5,6,2 x 7,8,10mm