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ššŽš’š‚š‡ šš‘šŽ šƒš„š€š‹š’ | FREE ProCORE18V 4.0Ah BATTERY OR DUST CONTROL SOLUTION WHEN YOU BUY ONE 18V TOOL OR KIT OVER ā‚¬245 (inc. VAT). *Valid for purchases May to August 2024. - while stocks last!. Please allow 4 weeks from submission of claim for delivery of the free product. Click here for more details

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Bosch GBH18V45CKIT 18v Biturbo Brushless SDS Max Combi Drill 2690bpm 12.5 Joules C/W 2 x 12.0Ah Procore Li-ion Batteries & Charger In Box 0611913072 - PBSDRCD-GBH18V45CKIT
€1300.00 excl vat
Bosch Biturbo GCM18V-305 18V Cordless Mitre Saw 305mm 0601B43000
€1056.10 excl vat
Bosch LBO and 4 B2 BL GSB 18 V-110 C, GDX 18 V-210 C, GBH 18 V-28, GWX 18 V-10 SC (3x 5.0Ah, GAL 1880 CV, 3x L-BOXX 136, 1x L-BOXX 238) BEST 18 V Combi 4P 0615990N30
€893.50 excl vat
Bosch GBH18V-34CF 32mm 18v Biturbo Brushless SDS Plus Drill 0-500rpm 0-2900bpm 5.8 Joules 4.9kg C/W 2 x 8.0ah Procore Li-ion Batteries & Charger In Box - PBSDRCD-GBH18V34CFKIT
€893.50 excl vat
Bosch GBH18V36CKIT 18v Biturbo Brushless SDS Max Combi Drill 2900bpm 7.0 Joules C/W 2 x 8.0Ah Procore Li-ion Batteries & Charger In Box 0611915072 - PBSDRCD-GBH18V36CKIT
€893.50 excl vat
Bosch GBH18V45C 18v Biturbo Brushless SDS Max Combi Drill 2690bpm 12.5 Joules Bare Unit In Box 0611913000 - PBSDRCD-GBH18V45CN
€804.07 excl vat
Bosch GTS18V-216 18V Biturbo Brushless 81/2'' 216mm Table Saw 4500rpm 635x70mm Cutting Capacity Right Side 216x30mm Blade 21.6kg Bare Unit 0601B44000
€682.11 excl vat
Cuts up to 90 x 305 mm: mobile and lightweight cordless miter saw with high ergonomics The most important data Cutting capacity, 0Ā° 90 x 305 mm Cutting capacity, 45Ā° mitre 90 x 215 mm Cutting capacity, 45Ā° bevel 55 x 305 mm Mitre setting 48 Ā° L / 48 Ā° R Bevel setting 47 Ā° L / 47 Ā° R Tool dimensions (width x length x height) 500 x 787 x 632 mm No-load speed* 4,500 rpm Saw blade diameter 254 mm Saw blade bore diameter 30 mm Weight* 17.7 kg Battery voltage 18.0 V Packaging dimensions (width x length x height) 575 x 790 x 360 mm Show more * You can find more information about the deviations in the following link: Technical features of products GCM 18V-254 D PROFESSIONAL: FURTHER INFORMATION Product Highlights Its BITURBO Brushless drive train combined with its ProCORE18V battery provides the cordless GCM 18V-254 D Professional with strong cutting performance. The detachable workpiece supports, and long table extensions allow, the mobile miter saw to easily control long materials during cutting. Even challenging cuts are done with more comfort and flexibility thanks to the dual bevel setting with the ergonomic bevel lock wheel. Equipment & Application Cross cuts, miter cuts, and bevel cuts in wood, aluminium, and PVC plastic are the ideal application areas of the GCM 18Vā€254 D Professional. It is compatible with all batteries and chargers in the Bosch Professional 18V System. For maximum power, use ProCORE18V ā‰„ 5.5 Ah. For sufficient runtime, 8 Ah or 12 Ah are recommended. It is also compatible with all Bosch dust extractors, GTA saw stands, and saw blades for cordless miter saws. Also compatible with AMPShare, the multi-brand battery alliance. Additional Information The mobile cordless mitre saw is light and compact, and its various one- or two-handed carrying options make it easy to transport. It features greater precision thanks to the dual laser lines on the left and right side of the saw blade.
€650.41 excl vat
€650.41 excl vat
Bosch GKS18V68GCKit 18v Biturbo Brushless Circular Saw 68mm Cutting Depth 190x30mm Blade C/W 2 x 8.0Ah Procore Li-ion Batteries & Charger In L-boxx 06016B5171 - PBSSWCD-GKS18V68GCKIT
€649.59 excl vat